Monthly Archives: August 2012

Dinosaur, and proud of it.

I own a Microsoft Zune. A 30gb one I bought in 2005 (possibly 2006). And it’s brown. The thing still works like a champ, unlike my iPod which lasted me all of 4 months before it shit the bed.


Casting for my dream movie…

Yesterday I mentioned something on Twitter about the “dream cast” that I have in my head. These are actors that have influenced or impressed me, whether it be through a career (Ed Harris) or just a great character (Christopher Curry). Obviously with the list I have, this is a movie that would run out of budget before it even got to filming. A guy can dream though, right? Or at least pick and choose if the time ever comes (I’m still waiting for Marvel to let me do the ‘Moon Knight’ movie lol). Anyway, I couldn’t really post my cast on Twitter but wanted to get it out there, so here it is, my dream cast in no particular order:

Ed Harris, Johnny Depp, Guy Pearce, Bruce Campbell, Sean Pertwee, David Morse, Bill Moseley, Dick Miller, Brent Briscoe, Michelle Monaghan, Ben Foster, Christopher Curry, John Cusack, Rosario Dawson, Crispin Glover, Clancy Brown, Kane Hodder, Natalie Morales, Bill Paxton, Terrence Howard, Danny McBride, John LaZar, Ken Foree, Jeremy Renner, Tim Guinee and James Franco.

Quite the ensemble.